Elisabeth Arona
I'm so glad you came by! I want us to be friends, but first of all, let me tell you a little about me. I'm a big fan of talking, but the important info should be first, right? 
How I Can Help You
I'm a Small Business Consultant and Ideation Specialist. What that means is that I am great at showing the world (especially the part of it that's online) how amazing you really are! I maximize your sales potential; whether that means setting up a way to selI your products online or making them their most attractive in person. I find your best angles for your profile pictures and websites-or your mantle, teach you how to engage your Instagram followers, and come up with new and exciting ways to make you and your business appealing and easier to access...Because everyone wants a new friend like you! 

Don't own a business? That's okay, because I teach you how to build or maintain relationships by using technology and social media. Whether you, your mom, or your grandma want to learn how to get online, download apps, play scrabble with your friend across the country, or just broaden your horizons online, I'm here to lend a hand! I patiently take you step by step, and no question is  a dumb one!